Run-up to the Opening

More work, more late nights, more delicious food. The progress continues, and I’m getting closer to being able to share it with you. We’ve ordered some stickers and “can badges,” which are basically like buttons, as well as “store cards” to help promote our site to people we run into on the street. Business cards are almost ready to be ordered; we just need to finalize everyone’s titles. In other words, “Cockroach Herder” probably shouldn’t make it to the final card, as funny as it is. T-shirts are also ready to be ordered, and we’ve already submitted our logo to the Asian Pacific Competition (next month in Singapore) to prominently display, as we are a main sponsor of the event. In other words, my work is about to hit the yo-yo scene in a big way. Exciting!

Since I can’t show you the work just yet, you’ll have to live with some more delicious food.

  • Kathleen M. Baldridge

    Thanks for the food. Are you getting fat or are you able to slackline it all off. Can’t wait for the yoyo related items. I would be interested in advertising something with your design on it. Love, Mom