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REWIND Video Contest

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We collaborated with two yo-yo makers (YoYoJoker and Japan Technology) to create a clip video contest, inviting all our fans to make a video of themselves playing yo-yo, with several thousand dollars worth of prizes. The turnout was amazing, and with over 70 individual entries you can view here, Shinya cut together a feature-length video showcasing the best ones, with commentary and announcing the contest winners.


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We created a special promotion to increase traffic to our social media pages, and posted it on the web.

Bearing Card

We gave these cards out at our sponsor’s booth at the US National Yo-Yo Contest to help spread the word. In order to make sure the card was more useful than a mere flyer, we put a life-size bearing chart on the back, to help players more easily identify their bearings. The players found the cards very useful, and several came back and asked for more.