My Commute

Some people have asked me about my daily commute. Japan is notorious for its long and wearisome commutes; in school, even some of the exchange students had to ride the train for over an hour to get to class. Even two hours is not all that unusual. I somehow managed to get lucky. Instead of two hours, it takes me two minutes. That includes getting up and getting dressed. Watch the video if you don’t believe me.

This may be the shortest commute ever, except for people who live and work in the same building. Just another reason I love my job!

  • mark

    haha, you’re a dork. i love it. helmet cam=one of the most amazing things ever

  • BB

    lol I hate you so much… my commute is hell!

  • Alice aka Shihong

    Hey man…. you didn’t brush your teeth!

  • There are two reasons for this:
    1. I usually get up around 12, not 11, and eat lunch immediately after I get to the office, and
    2. I have a toothbrush AT the office.