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This site was part of a MUCH larger brand identity project for the rebranding of Tomopal Inc. The site itself was a new arrangement for the underlying content of the site, teaching an old dog some new tricks. Some of the innovations of the new layout, aside from the renovated brand identity and color scheme, was the application of an underlying grid and a layered menu system to improve the site’s usability. Other suggestions have since been implemented into the backend to speed up the administrator’s duties as well as the end-user’s browsing and shopping experience.

  • Hi David,

    How are you? Where are you these days? When are you coming back? Also, your link to is not working. Can you please fix it. It is very helpful. Can you add few more links pointing to tomopal?

    Missing you all over!

  • Hi Pal!
    I’m currently in Thailand, might be heading back to Korea and Japan soon, I still want to spend a few months in India but I don’t want to get stuck in monsoon season!

    I’ve fixed the link, should be working now 🙂 If I get a chance to write about Tomopal again I’ll be sure to include links. I hope all is well for you!