My 2010 アジア一周 Packing List

I was going to make this video before I left for Japan but ran out of time. Since I have REWIND to serve as a home base in Japan, I’m able to be even more selective with my packing and leave some stuff behind. To keep track of my stuff and act as an aid in sorting through my stuff, I decided to record it for posterity. I’ll see how this stuff works for me on the road and post updates.

Part 1: Toiletries

  1. Rick Steves toiletry bag
  2. Sink stopper for laundry
  3. Calendula cream
  4. Arnica Cream
  5. Grapefruit Seed Extract
  6. Neosporin
  7. Medicated Chapstick
  8. Anti-itch cream
  9. Airborne
  10. Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap
  11. 耳かき, earpick
  12. Tiger Balm
  13. Climb On
  14. Hair Wax
  15. Gloomy Face Mask
  16. Fuchs pocket toothbrush
  17. Facewash (grapefruit)
  18. Deodorant
  19. Pocket Warmers (カイロ)
  20. Pocket Tissue
  21. Mintia caffeine mints
  22. Steripen
  23. Nalgene
  24. REI Microfiber towel

Part 2: Miscellaneous

  1. Promotional Items for REWIND – Stickers and cards
  2. Yo-Yo Repair Kit
  3. Sewing kit and materials for some projects
  4. PQI Memory Stick
  5. Can Opener
  6. Mini Nail Clippers
  7. Photo keychain light
  8. Leatherman Skeletool CX
  9. Pen case
  10. YoYoRecreation Stardust 2
  11. YoYoFactory Protostar
  12. Loop 720
  13. 2x Speed Beetles
  14. Yoyo strings
  15. Duncan Spider footbag/hackysack
  16. Tennis Ball
  17. A few books and a notebook
  18. Passport
  19. Silk Money Belt
  20. Thermarest neck pillow
  21. 50ft slackline
  22. Climbing gear – shoes, chalkbag and harness
  23. Pacsafe 85 portable safe
  24. REI Traverse 30L daypack
  25. Altus 60L Backpack
  26. Big Agnes Insulated sleeping pad
  27. Poncho
  28. REI XXX Duffle bag
  29. Patagonia hiking shoes
  30. Vibram Fivefinger toeshoes
  31. Converse classics
  32. Eagle Creek Compression bags

Part 3: Gadgetry

  1. Dell Vostro V13 Laptop with carry bag
  2. Logitech wireless mouse with pad
  3. Canon G11 camera with heavy duty wrist trap
  4. Extra camera battery
  5. Universal power adapter
  6. 4-plug power strip
  7. iPhone Charger with extra USB
  8. Creative Labs Vado HD
  9. cheap USB hub
  10. Flat ethernet cable
  11. Petzl Tikka headlamp
  12. Rechargeable batteries
  13. Company phone for Japan
  14. iPhone for elsewhere with Krypton skin
  15. Loksak Aloksaks
  16. extra SD cards
  17. Eagle Creek packing cubes
  18. Shure earbud foam tips


  1. 2x Icebreaker wool boxer briefs
  2. Injinji wool toesocks
  3. Extra socks
  4. REI MTS synthetic longjohns
  5. Sierra Designs Rain Pants
  6. Swim shorts
  7. Prana climbing pants
  8. Columbia Titanium pants
  9. Prana Jeans
  10. Icebreaker wool undershirt
  11. Black wifebeater
  12. Prana button-up
  13. Chili’s Sunglasses
  14. Dohm beanie
  15. Stylish Cap

Part 4: Stuff that didn’t make the cut

ie: stuff I hope I don’t need when I get stuck in Nepal.

  1. Marmot Pinnacle sleeping bag
  2. Chrome messenger bag
  3. Lonely Planet Thailand guide
  4. Philips electric shaver
  5. Skullcandy earbud headphones
  6. iPhone charger
  7. Water bladder

  • Brian

    Looks like you still have a bit much here…

    It looks like you have a duffel bag in there, but just a very light handbag or something I recommend if you manage a “home base” where you are going. They are useful. Also, don’t know the type of money belt you have, but have something that can hold your passport, some money, AND your planeticket (if you have them printed in that form) under your clothes the entire trip.