Hiro + Hilary Wedding Yo-Yo

wedding yoyo box

Hiro and Hilary, two of my best friends in Japan, got married in Japan on April 4th, 2012 at Inuyama castle. In Japanese, 4 can be read as “yo,” so 4/4 is “Yo-Yo!” I was still in Korea, but they had plans to hold another wedding in the states later that year, after the US …Read More…

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Rewind DVD

The talented Shinya Kido, 2009 World Yo-Yo Champion, wrote, shot, edited, and starred in his own instructional yo-yo videos. The series, called “One Step Closer,” was compiled to create a full instructional DVD to be distributed by Rewind. I was asked to put together some DVD disc and cover art.

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Rewind Promotions

rewind rabbit

REWIND Video Contest We collaborated with two yo-yo makers (YoYoJoker and Japan Technology) to create a clip video contest, inviting all our fans to make a video of themselves playing yo-yo, with several thousand dollars worth of prizes. The turnout was amazing, and with over 70 individual entries you can view here, Shinya cut together …Read More…

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Rewind Swag

boys shirts

Rewind is now three years old, and we’ve worked hard to reinforce the brand but also keep it fresh, with a variety of branded goods for our customers to wear and use in support of the store. Apparel Rewind designs have found their way onto a lot of clothing, with several different designs for t-shirts …Read More…

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Couchsurfing-Themed ESL Curriculum

scott and seo

The Impetus As an English teacher in Korea, there are many things that I find myself motivated to work on. I have a laundry list of projects to which I’ve been dedicating time, including my “deskwarming” time at work. The only thing I haven’t been too motivated to further is my teaching itself. Indeed, it …Read More…

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This started off as a website concept… went way off the deep end…

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Get well card


Drawn for a climber friend who took a nasty spill. Climb on!

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Marin Trails Packaging


Yeah, I don’t really do enough packaging to justify its own category, but this was the first ambitious packaging project I undertook.

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Tablet art


Some drawings I did with a tablet. Cool kids don’t use paper.

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Some silly stuff I came up with while I was applying to study in Japan for a year.

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