Oh Hai Tonsai


Tonsai is unlike any other place I’ve been. Imagine the kind of community that would be created if you gave climbers the reigns. It’s easy to picture but also a bit hard to grasp, and that’s exactly what Tonsai is like. 90% of the population is there for the beautiful limestone cliffs that blanket the …Read More…

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To Thailand!


I awoke to a chorus of police officers speaking Malay.

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Manila to Kuala Lumpur


I wasn’t in a great rush to leave the Philippines, but my tickets had already been purchased weeks in advance, propelling me forward once again to the next destination. As sad as it might make you to leave a place you enjoy, it’s so much better than leaving a place you despise. Sure it’s nice …Read More…

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Puerto Galera


Joowon asked about the best way to get to Banaue and back by Friday, and I had to break the news that she would be spending 80% of her time on a bus or jeepney winding through the mountains, and that she’d have to give up on that plan, and instead join me for a …Read More…

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Back to Manila


Sharon and I woke up my last morning in Palawan to drop off the motorbikes we rented the day before. When I first suggested it, she was scared to ride one herself, but once I bullied her into getting her own motorbike, she enjoyed it immensely and took hers out for a morning spin before …Read More…

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Back to Puerto Princesa


The minibus back to Puerto Princesa managed to feel longer than the ride out there, perhaps because I spent practically the entire time plodding through Ghandi’s autobiography. Great man with great ideals, but not the most exciting writer to ever lay pen to paper. When we got off the bus, Jacob and I teamed up …Read More…

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Island Hopping in El Nido


Saturday morning found me in a cafe having breakfast with Angelito, TJ, Gonzalo, Patrick and his wife, the Couchsurfing friends I’d made through Sharon the day before. Everyone was headed back to Puerto Princesa that morning except TJ, who would be joining Jacob and I on the island hopping tour. The day before, while I …Read More…

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Adventures in El Nido


The van ride to El Nido was uneventful. The view was more often than not obscured by the jungle, so I set myself upon my photo albums in another desperate attempt to play catch up. The town itself is tiny, with bars and guesthouses built so far down the beach the water laps atĀ  their …Read More…


That time I went to prison in the Philippines


The next day, Jacob had a new challenge for me, and it came with a motor and two wheels. Though my dad had a motorcycle he didn’t often ride it, and I never had a chance to learn, so I was a little apprehensive. As comfortable as I am on a bike, throw a motor …Read More…

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To Palawan

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I woke up feeling suspiciously rested for an hour’s sleep. Glancing at the clock, I saw that I succumbed to my exhaustion, and my 1 hour catnap was a 3 hour snoozefest. I had only an hour before my flight to Puerto Princesa. Shorts! I yelled, grabbing the bags I had fortunately finished packing the …Read More…

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