That Day I Became an Elephant Trainer – Mahout Lodge in Luang Prabang


When we met up with Jana, she expressed an interest in doing elephant training for a day. I never had a chance to get up close with anything larger than a horse, so the opportunity was too good to pass up. Elephant training camps, now mostly for the sake of tourism, are popular in Thailand …Read More…

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The Splendor of Luang Prabang


Back to my travel stories… Luang Prabang is a jewel on the Mekong river. The popular tourist destination nods to its native and colonial roots while maintaining an almost comical rate of change and modernization. Travelers who have been there more than once remark at the incredible rate at which the city is changing, for …Read More…


Floating Down the Mekong


The minivan deposited us at the side of the Mekong river marking the border of Thailand and Laos. We were all too eager to be out of the van, which was filled with young Europeans who were far too excited at the prospect of getting fall-down drunk and float down the river in Vangvieng. One …Read More…

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My Final Thai Pitstop: The White Temple of Chiang Rai


I knew very little about Laos when we jumped in the van that morning; going there was Alice’s idea and she had a better idea of what she wanted to do, so I decided I’d just kick back and enjoy the ride. The minivan took several hours to get to the Mekong river that forms …Read More…

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My last days in Thailand


I walked down the long driveway to the road and sat down to wait for the bus. I took out my sewing kit and began to mend a hole in my backpack. Shortly afterward I was followed by a Quebecer couple who had only been at the monastery for a couple days. They immediately began …Read More…

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Wat Tam Wua Forest Monastery


This was written over the course of seven days I spent living and meditating in Wat Tam Wua Monastery in northern Thailand. Wat Tam Wua is a different kind of paradise. One of my goals for Thailand was to spend time at a Buddhist monastery so I can practice meditation and a simple lifestyle. I’ve …Read More…


Phuket is Pronounced “Poo-cat”


As hard as it was to say goodbye to Tonsai and all my new friends there, I had to move on to the next destination. I’d already overstayed my intended visit by about a week, and if I didn’t leave I wouldn’t have been able to dedicate an entire week to the Buddhist Monastery in …Read More…


Perseverance part 2 – Humbled by the Highline


As I explained in Perserverance ÔÇô The Tale of a Thailand Highline, I’d only been leashed to a slackline once before, and it was relatively low one at that. 10 meters in the air doesn’t seem like much when there are people walking hundreds or thousands of feet in the sky, but being tied into …Read More…

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Perserverance – The Tale of a Thailand Highline


I’ve been slacklining for some time now, but I mostly stay pretty close the earth when I go bouncing around on a narrow strip of webbing. A while back my crazy friend Peter set up a line up in the trees by the river for us to play on for his birthday barbecue. It was …Read More…

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David’s Little Guide to Tonsai


The Low-Down: Tonsai (Ton Sai) is a beach village in Southern Thailand, offering a combination of inexpensive accommodation and great rock climbing routes that make it popular with both backpackers and climbers alike. Compared to the resorts of neighbouring Railay and Ao Nang, it’s relatively rough around on the edges; in particular, the water isn’t …Read More…